How to build your investor network from scratch

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Here’s how to build your investor network 

Start going to events

Within your industry, there are bound to be regular in-person and online networking events which give you direct access to potential investors. Put yourself out there and join ecosystems and hubs where you’ll meet people who are interested in entrepreneurship and start building your professional network. Don’t just focus on investors – think about ecosystem “connectors” these might be people who manage co-working spaces or run communities, perhaps even solicitors and accountants who might also have access to investor networks.  

Share content about what you’re doing and become a thought leader

When you’re about to fundraise, it helps to become a thought leader in your space. By attracting people to you through relevant content, it can lessen the stress of having to find every investor for yourself. 

Through regular LinkedIn posting or a dedicated social media channel or newsletter, you can quickly become a source of knowledge and grow a community who are interested in keeping tabs on your business journey. 

Cold outreach is highly underrated

Cold outreach, if done well, can be a huge tool in your kit. You can reach people through LinkedIn, but you have to make sure it’s a relevant connection request and explain clearly why you’d like to add them to your network. Asking investors for permission to be added to your investor update list can help when it comes time to raise money by keeping them interested in your company updates and milestones. 

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