I now sit on the other side of the table as the Managing Partner at Raising Partners Angels. I know what’s working in the market and what isn’t. I know what makes investors tick and what makes a standout pitch that successfully secures investment.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of businesses go out and attempt to raise investment. 99% of them fail. The number one reason businesses fail to secure the capital they need is that they aren’t prepared. Yet many people “go-to market” and believe they are ready.

The funding ecosystem is often veiled in mystery, especially if you have never raised capital before, and so Raising Partners is the company that I wish existed when I was trying to raise investment. Perhaps more than anyone, I know how overwhelming it is for founders when they are seeking early-stage investment, and how difficult it is to access the right advice and access investors. Slipping up is so easy, and can have disastrous consequences for the health of both startups and founders.

It doesn’t need to be that way. Runway Pro is about taking the experience, knowledge, lessons and learnings of Raising Partners and industry experts and sharing it in an easy to understand way so that we advance the entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling more businesses to raise capital.


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